Thursday, June 21, 2007


Olive has hurt her knee. She slipped on a book when she was running towards me, and although it didn't seem to bother her much at the time, it swelled up so much over the next day that we took her to the out of hours doctor service at our local hospital. He referred us to the paediatrics A&E Department, where we saw a nurse, two doctors, two x-ray technicians and a consultant. It was Saturday night, it was busy and hot but everyone was courteous, gentle, kindly and saw us as quickly as they could. Thankfully O is ok, nothing broken, just some soft tissue damage and fluid causing the swelling which should go down over the next few weeks. We were back there today for a review meeting and saw another consultant and a junior doctor - again friendly, spending lots of time and giving us lots of reassurance that all was ok.

O was born in this hospital and we had a wonderful midwife and, although long and with complications, the drug-free active birth we'd really hoped for.

London Hospitals get a lot of bad press, but every experience we've had here has been good. Perhaps we've been lucky but I believe that in the main people who work for the NHS are caring, hardworking, dedicated professionals who provide the most amazing service in often overcrowded, underfunded and difficult circumstances. Thank you.

And Olive, what a star. Uncomplaining, put up with being prodded and poked and even said an unprompted thank you to the doctor as we were leaving. She amazes me, always.

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Oleg Mihailik said...

Our experience was neither bad nor good.

Masha has displaced elbow and it took about 3 hours waiting in queue to reach doctor. And the actual fixing took 5 minutes.

Although I may not complain too much-they've got a lot of toys there in playing-waiting room. So we managed to make it a game, and at the end of day (well, actually it was the very end ofday) Masha got her elbow back fixed and unhurt-and that is the only thing that matters, isn't it?