Thursday, July 5, 2007

Off on a roadtrip

I haven't posted for a while as it's been a worrying couple of weeks. Olive's knee isn't improving so we've had several trips to the hospital to see different specialists about it. It seems that the fall she had may have just been coincidence and that the swelling may be caused by something else. She had an ultrasound and some bloods taken yesterday and was just the bravest girl in the world. We wait for the results, and still hope that it may resolve itself before she has to have more invasive treatment. I'm amazed at how uncomplaining she's being about all of this, she is just such a wonderful girl. She's very well in herself, happy and playful. She is so chatty and her speech is coming on so quickly right now, every day her sentences get longer and we can actually chat - I love it! But is starting to get frustrated by the fact that she can't run as fast or climb as well as she normally can. And it is painful when she wakes in the morning and doesn't want to stand on it, but it does losen off after some baby ibuprofen and she has been walking for a bit. I feel so worried and so powerless. I just want to be able to make it better and see her back to normal again. I feel very anxious. My beautiful baby girl, why can't I fix her?

But, putting that to one side, we are off on holiday for a week. We're off on a roadtrip in a VW Campervan hired from these lovely people We are going for a little tour round Devon and Cornwall and have found some stunning looking campsites to stay on. Keep your fingers crossed that the rain stays away for us! We could use a little sunshine.